Seaker is an artist with an incredibly atmospheric sound. Her music often has strong underlying messages and the instrumentation will always blow you away. ‘Woven’ is her latest single and it’s one of her best yet. 

Written as a personal song for her mum, ‘Woven’ is a track that gradually builds throughout. As with her previous singles, you will find yourself getting lost in the ambient charm. Piano, keyboards and guitars are drenched in reverb and her lead vocals are empowering. As the song builds, drums and backing vocals are added into the mix to create a dramatic backdrop for the song. 

Seaker tells us more about her latest release below:

“‘Woven’ is about connection and that feeling of having known someone for so long they somehow become a part of you.  Recently I read that the leaves of trees can communicate with the trunk via the branches and the whole system is intertwined. It made me think of us as humans in the same way, how we branch out from childhood but still somehow remain linked together throughout time.” 

Originally written with the idea of recording it as a stripped back song featuring just vocals and piano, it soon developed a mind of its own and an impressive production was built around it. 

Seaker explains how personal this single is below:

“I didn’t write it to be released as it was a more personal thing, but as time went on I felt I wanted to release it. I’ve shed quite a few tears over it and I’m very connected to it now. It feels like it’s probably one of the most personal songs I’ve written. I always aim to be honest, so I want to share it.”

We’re huge fans of Seaker and her atmospheric sound, it’s amazing to see such honest artists releasing brilliant music. We will eagerly await the next single but in the meantime, listen to ‘Woven’ below and be sure to follow Seaker online here.