Jana (previously known as Jana & The Lanterns) debut EP, the aptly titled ‘Lanterns’ brings together her two previously released singles the fantastic ‘Birdhouse’ and the darker yet equally as impressive ‘Gift’ alongside two new songs ‘Religious In Hollywood’ and ‘Dunes’.

When I previously reviewed ‘Birdhouse’ I described it as a full of life as the melody fluttered joyously along like a butterfly in spring, whereas the contrasting ‘Gift’ was a dark winter night with its layered instrumentals building up to an epic crescendo similar in style to The Staves singers despite using the wonders of production to harmonise with herself.

The new tracks help expand on Jana’s sound. ‘Religious In Hollywood’ is Jana’s longest song yet, running at over 5 minutes it really lets her stretch out and paint a picture and story inside your mind, something I’ve found she does so well. It has a powerful chorus and when the track breaks out into an electric guitar solo your transfixed, Jana combines retro Country instrumentals with a Psychedelic twist showing just another facet of her sound.

The final track ‘Dunes’ feels like a jam session, an exploration of a theme which brings together all other aspects of the EP from Jana’s intelligent harmonies through to her free flowing melodies and captivating choruses. It brings the compelling EP to a close and I look forward to hearing what Jana has in store for the future.

Listen to the EP below and be sure to follow Jana online here.